I wonder about a lot of things and questions pop into my head all the time (clearly the government is conspiring to drive me insane by beaming incessant questions into my brain via zero-point energy microwaves transmitted from cell phone towers – luckily I know how to protect myself).

Anyway, while taking a break from thinking about “Why am I different from other people?” (clearly a narcissistic exercise, but arguably better than my former line of thought “Why are other people different from me?” – which was definitely arrogant), I pondered some genealogical questions.

I will be the first to admit my understanding of familial relations is pretty weak. I really don't understand things like "great aunt thrice removed". Maybe this has to do with growing up with only my parents and two siblings and no other relatives anywhere near Canada.

So, my question is … actually, it is two questions:

Preamble: If I have children with the same woman, they are siblings. If I have children with different women, then the children are half-siblings.

That much makes sense to me.

(1) If I have children with a woman and her sister, does that result in half-siblings or 3/4 siblings?
(2) If I have children with a woman and her identical twin sister, does that result in half-siblings, 3/4 siblings, or just siblings?

From a genetic point of view, I would argue that having children with identical twins results in full siblings.


It boggles the mind... :)
Alanita said…
no...that's called Mormonism. :)

I love your converstaion that you had with yourself. Clearly a narcisist lol-- j/k
Thought I'd stop by and see what's new on the forbidden planet!
ingrid said…
and thirdly, does it matter?
Richard said…
MIO: does it? It is more like that irritating itch you can't quite get at.

alanita: thanks for dropping by again.

ingrid: Probably not. Much like regulations on bananas I should imagine.
Barbara said…
Now I am going to stay up half the night thinking about it. Thanks a lot!
Alanita said…
Hey look! I dropped by another day! I'm becoming a damn regular here!!! Thanks for your comment on my blog, Mr. Savings!!!
Richard said…
barbara: really? :D

alanita: if you want to stay regular, you need plenty of fibre ;-)
Coffee fairy said…
I've been attempting for days now to make a comment on this post but for some reason I don't know what to say, quite some mind boggling questions you have indeed =P
Mum2One said…
Hmmm... I think Alanita is right abt the mormon bit and yes, some of your thoughts/questions are definitely whacky but in a funny and entertaining way!
Richard said…
coffee fairy: It is not something that causes me to lose sleep ;-)

mum2one: I have always been full of questions. My mother says the first word I ever said was "tso" ("what" in Polish), not "mama".

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