Fool's gold

When Sofia and I went shopping for wedding bands in Canada, she was shocked that the purest rings were 18kt. For her, that was unacceptable. She kept asking how many grams of gold was in each ring - the salesperson had no idea.

In Peru, you buy the gold and get your rings made - so you know how many grams of gold you have. She was trying to convince me that anything less than 24kt was shameful - nobody in Peru would buy such cheap rings as we have in Canada.

Fortunately, I prevailed and we bought our bands in Canada (I have a 10kt band and she has a 14kt band) - which I tihnk look much better than the ones her siblings have. Of course, when they heard that mine is only 10kt, you could see the disbelief in their faces that we settled for such cheap imitations.

Image grabbed from here.


Cavalock said…
hah...i thought those were your rings. r just images right?

well, here i believe most of the younger couples wear platinum or silver, i think.
Coffee fairy said…
I prefer less than 24K gold, since the more gold the more softer the material is. I bought a pair of 24K earrings before and they were easily deformed.
Yeah, I agree with cavalock, I noticed the popular wedding bands right now are made of platinum, silver or white gold.
Sassy Lady said…
Actualy it really doesnt matter whether the wedding band is gold or platinum or silver or diamonds...ehemm

The ring is just a symbol that the couple are married...some other customs dont even wear wedding bands.

Most important of all the purest and sincerest feelings that comes from the heart!
Richard said…
cavalock: they are similar to the bands Sofia and I have.

coffee fairy: 24kt gold is too soft. Gold always has the same colour - the metals it is alloyed with affect the final colour.

sassy lady: you are right! It is the love, not the rings.

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