Millionaire Mind Intensive

A friend of mine invited me to an intensive 3 day Millionaire Mind Intensive workshop this coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday. How intensive? 09:00-23:00, 09:00-22:30 and 08:00 - 19:00, respectively.

It is a free invite as she had attended a The Power Within workshop last year (and purchased some materials related to this upcoming workshop).

Originally, she had planned to go with her daughter, but since she was busy, I got the invitation instead.

Hopefully it will help kickstart my motivation or perhaps give me new perspectives.

To quote from the promotional literature:

This course will transform the way you think, feel, and act in terms of
money and wealth. More importantly, you will learn exactly what it takes
to "win the money game". You will also learn specifically what may be
holding you back from reaching your full potential right now. Many of
the positive changes you make will occur instantly, right at the course.
Others will occur over time, as you practice your newly learned wealth
habits and exercises.

Reflections after the course will naturally follow.


I'll be very interested to hear your thoughts after attending. I've always been interested in those types of workshops but have never attended one as of yet.
Richard said…
I've always wanted to attend one of these things too. I'm sure it will prove to be interesting. Whether is it practical is another matter.

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