(I hate blogger, it ate my post after I invoked spell check - what follows is a severely curtailed version of my original post).

I went to the Millionaire Mind Intensive workshop this morning.

They were overbooked (apparently a computer glitch and this has never happened before).

My name was not on the books (although my friend's daughter's name was - despite my friend requesting this be changed last week). I Suppose I sould have gone as Melody instead of Richard.

They managed to squeeze in an extra 200 people. I was one of the lucky ones. However, I opted instead for the turn away package which was $10,000 worth of audio material (yeah, right) and guaranteed premium seating for the next event in November.

Impressions: poorly organized and coordinated. Certain registration queues were much longer than others (the R-S queue, mine and my friend's, was significantly longer than others). There was a lack of simultaneous translation equipment so they had to stop the presentation to translate (Quebec is a French province and many attendees were unilingual Francophones).

On the plus side, I get to spend the weekend with my family (it is an extra long weekend since Monday is a holiday - Victoria Day).

My original post was longer and offered more impressions, comments, opinions and analysis, but I don't feel like redoing it - so you get the executive summary version ;-)


Prince Romp said…
Abt the blogger 'magic'.

I did experience it before when i accidentally miskeyed and all that i had written in my post was gone.

Even when i tried to retrieve it back from the original post..i could only get back a few percent from the original post.

Now I prefer to save it in draft my long post whenever I'm not confident.. just in case.

the workshop..
You're still considered lucky when they still let you in as Melody instead. hee hee
Richard said…
Blogger has eaten a number of longer posts (usually comments though). USually, I try to compose outside of blogger and then cut and paste into it (but that morning, I didn't. sigh.)

I consider myself lucky to be able to get some "free" material and the offer of better seating in November (we will see how that turns out).
Lunafish said…
The blog ate my homework. New slant on an old idea. I've gone to writing in Word and pasting to Blogger for the same reason.

I've read the Millionaire Mind. I do think they offer good ideas. I wonder sometimes if some people get euphoric enthusiasm, which drives them put so much force behind their ideas that they do make millions. Small percentage I'm sure.
Richard said…
I think the way people become rich and successful is that they actually go out and do things - rather than waiting for permission (or worse yet, waiting for someone to hand them success).

I can see perfectionism, procrastination, inability to focus as keys to not achieving much.

The problem is that we never see the or hear the stories of those who fail - only of those who succeed.

I haven't read the book (never heard of it until 2-3 weeks ago), but I have requested a copy from the library.

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